5 Best Podcasts About Love and Dating

Why Won’t You Date Me

Comedian and actress Nicole Byer interviews past romantic/sexual partners, friends, and other comedians about the various intricacies of dating -- sexual encounters, ghosting culture, and more. A hearty laugh accompanying her every sentence, Byer brings a raucous, joyous tone to something that can be utterly dismal: dating in the digital age. From Tinder to Raya, Byer uncovers all before asking her guest the ultimate question: Why won’t you date me? I discovered Byer while at a show in Los Angeles at the Upright Citizens Brigade; as a performer, Byer excelled -- I knew I had to find more of her work, leading me to this hilarious podcast. If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud podcast that will make you cry laughing with its vulgarity and silliness, Why Won’t You Date Me?  Is for you.


Call Her Daddy

Salacious and explicit, Call Her Daddy is hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper. This duo deep-dives into the various aspects of sex and dating, primarily focusing on the former. Taking a feminist, staunch perspective, these women hold no bars to their language or to the extent of which they share. By the end of an episode, you’ll have snorted out loud, and simultaneously feel in desperate need of a scalding shower. What’s best about this podcast is how in-charge of their sexuality the hosts are -- often, women’s sexualities are exploited for second-hand laughs, instead of claimed proudly by them and shared first-hand. 


Why Oh Why?

Although discontinued, this charming podcast by Andrea Silenzi takes a more research-oriented focus to dating through form of documentary storytelling. She explores personal anecdotes, different dating apps, and even interviews esteemed guests like Esther Perel. Her insights are wide and varied -- you may come out an episode learning about the paradox of choice, or about the truth behind ‘opposites attract’. Why Oh Why? Endears the audience -- you feel personally connected to Silenzi, as if she’s divulging her latest romantic experience to you in an intimate setting.  If you’re searching for a sweet, charming podcast that has a more academic perspective, this is the one for you. 


Where Should We Begin? 

Esther Perel, famed relationship expert, hosts Where Should We Begin? She offers knowledgeable advice about all things relationships. A friend of mine recently divulged that this podcast allowed him to realize his romantic alignment with polyamory, greatly improving his romantic life. Throughout the episodes, Perel has confronted issues ranging from divorce to intimate affairs to igniting love after the honeymoon period. Perel is the sage advice-giving, cool grandma you never knew you needed; you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking. 


Modern Love

Based on a New York Times column with the same title, Modern Love shares a different anecdote relating to love narrated by a different actor or actress weekly. What’s best about this podcast is its variety; not specific to romantic love, many stories are shared relating to paternal, maternal, platonic, fraternal, and other forms of love. Some episodes have made me cry -- others, laugh until I cried. The storyteller’s tone and skill adorns a layer to the story that adds to the narrative, as well as adding a certain layer of excitement when you hear celebrities like Resse Witherspoon or Anne Hathaway are going to narrate the next episode. Modern Love is the sweetest podcast out of all these listed -- get ready to have your heart warmed and perspective expanded.