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3 Ways to Fight On, As a Stressed Berkeley Student

As a high school student, I was constantly hearing about the prestige of UC Berkeley. And while most of us are grateful to be here with so many opportunities and our prospects set, a large chunk of us are truly not very happy. 


I am always reminding myself that although my future matters significantly, my well-being and happiness at the moment do just as much. Though I’ve been in and out of the slumps this semester more so than ever, I’ve decided to take committed steps to making my happiness a priority. Here are some things that might increase your happiness as well. 


  1. Exercise as often as possible.

It’s a known fact that exercise releases dopamine but it also helps relieve the negativity you may be pushing on yourself. My encouragement to you is that you take every opportunity you get to ensure that your physical health is not neglected in the process of bettering yourself mentally or everything you’ve worked for may be useless.

2. Seek counseling or a friend who is more than willing to listen. 

This is an easy or obvious tip but there are more times than not in which we keep to ourselves when things are getting rough and we bottle it in and remind ourselves that everything will be ok. Sometimes it’s beneficial to release your emotions and process them fully by revealing them to another person.

3. Spend three minutes a day thinking about everything you have to be grateful for.

If you’re so inclined, make a list. You will see that you have a lot going for you and that everything you are burdened by is canceled out by wonderful things going on in your life. Do not fret.


Being a student at Berkeley is what you make of it. In fact, each and every experience you have in life is what you make of it so spend your days choosing to be happy. 


Melody A. Chang

UC Berkeley '19

As a senior undergraduate, I seek out all opportunities that expand my horizons, with the aim of developing professionally and deepening my vision of how I can positively impact the world around me. While most of my career aims revolve around healthcare and medicine, I enjoy producing content that is informative, engaging, and motivating.  In the past few years, I have immersed myself in the health field through working at a private surgical clinic, refining my skills as a research assistant in both wet-lab and clinical settings, shadowing surgeons in a hospital abroad, serving different communities with health-oriented nonprofits, and currently, exploring the pharmaceutical industry through an internship in clinical operations.  Career goals aside, I place my whole mind and soul in everything that I pursue whether that be interacting with patients in hospice, consistently improving in fitness PR’s, tutoring children in piano, or engaging my creativity through the arts. Given all the individuals that I have yet to learn from and all the opportunities that I have yet to encounter in this journey, I recognize that I have much room and capacity for growth. Her Campus is a platform that challenges me to consistently engage with my community and to simultaneously cultivate self-expression. 
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