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As a first-generation student, I struggled a lot transitioning from high school to college. No one warns you about the different expectations, workload, independence, and sometimes even the loneliness you experience. Along the way, I was able to find ways to better navigate my college journey and I’m here to share them with you. So if you’re on a pre-med, pre-dentistry, or sciences route, keep reading.   

Tip 1

My first tip is to attend L&S Advising Workshops/Events, which can be found on the L&S website. These workshops are geared toward students looking to pursue a master’s after college or continue their education at medical school. These events help you better navigate what classes and prereqs you need to in order to be eligible for medical schools and grad programs. 

Tip 2

My second tip is to take some of the easier classes on the prereqs list if you can. Some STEM classes can be denser than others, ultimately making them unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming. If the easier courses are available and don’t interfere with your prerequisites then I recommend taking them. An example of one of these courses that I took is MCB 50 The Immune System and Disease.

Tip 3

My third tip is to go to tutoring for your classes and attend office hours. I know this may seem like a lot but office hours are your best friend when it comes to confusing STEM courses. In my experience, GSIs give hints for the upcoming quizzes during office hours and mnemonics that are useful for studying long-term.

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Chantal Chew

UC Berkeley '24

Hi everyone! I am a second year at UC Berkeley studying Public Health. On my free time I enjoy binge watching new shows on Netflix, FaceTiming family, and hanging out with friends.
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