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I got into beauty and cosmetics at a pretty young age and without a doubt, I have YouTube to thank for that. It was around 7th grade when I stumbled across my first ever beauty video, and I haven’t stopped watching them since. At that time, there weren’t that many Asian beauty YouTubers to look up to, so I always wound up watching videos of women who didn’t really look like me. Within the past few years, the amount of Asian women willing to showcase their personalities and talents on the internet has skyrocketed. I’m so thankful to finally be able to watch and learn from women who look like me and go through the same struggles when it comes to applying makeup. I wanted to share some of my favorite Asian beauty YouTubers, and I hope that you love them just as much as I do!

#1: Jessica Vu

Jessica is a Vietnamese-American beauty YouTuber, and everything about her screams aesthetically pleasing — from her makeup looks to her to fashion to her editing style. I watch Jessica not really to learn how to apply makeup, but out of pure entertainment. Her personality is adorable, and everything she posts is so creative. She describes her makeup tutorials as “beginner-friendly,” so I highly recommend her content for anyone who is just getting into makeup. Her makeup looks are perfect for those who enjoy a more natural look. Despite her appeal to more natural looks (they remind me of the Korean makeup trends), Jessica isn’t afraid of a pop of color, which is what I like about her. Her makeup looks aren’t too glam or too simple. They're the perfect balance.

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#2: PONY Syndrome

PONY Syndrome is a South Korean beauty YouTuber who is popular in both the United States and South Korea. Her tutorials are generally done in Korean, but she has English subtitles for her international viewers. What’s so fun about Pony is the fact that she isn’t afraid of using crazy, bright colors. She recreates makeup looks of celebrities and even fictional characters, like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Pony never really sticks to one makeup look or color, so if you’re someone who enjoys rocking different glamorous and glittery looks, she’s the girl for you! However, for those of us who like the more natural route, don’t worry! Pony has it all. Check her out, and you’ll quickly see that her spectrum of looks work well for anyone.

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#3: Beauty Within

Beauty Within is hosted by Rowena Tsai, a Taiwanese-American beauty YouTuber, and Felicia Lee, a Chinese-Austrailian beauty YouTuber. They share a love for everything beauty related, especially skincare. They post videos that range from reviewing products to educating people on what products are best for a specific skin type. What I love about their videos is how in-depth they go when describing products, because I’m someone who isn’t very fond of doing research on my own. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to have all the information broken down in front of me. I also like that they provide both an affordable option and an expensive option in most of their videos. If you’re a skincare fanatic or you're just getting into skincare, check them out!

Tiffany Huang

UC Berkeley '22

Tiffany is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley, pursuing a degree in Media Studies. She holds a passion in writing and loves looking into anything relating to beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture. When Tiffany is not preoccupied by any work, you can typically catch her hanging out with her friends and family or discovering new movies, tv shows, and music to binge. Tiffany is eager about sharing her thoughts on relatable topics that you could possibly resonate with or get a good laugh out of it.
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