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3 Fun & COVID-Safe Activities to Do This Fall

Fall is one of the most beloved times of the year. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but not so warm that you melt. The trees begin changing colors, and the air fills with chai and other spices. Arguably some of the best parts of fall are the fun traditions. However, as we transition from summer to fall this year, many of the classic festivities people look forward to can no longer occur because of the pandemic. This doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Here are several unique ideas for fun fall-themed activities to do during this time:  

#1: Drive-through Haunted Houses  

Although traditional haunted houses are one of the highlights of the season, social distancing protocols mean most traditional haunted houses cannot open. Some of the more creative owners of these events have created enormous drive-through haunted houses spanning several acres for families to experience from their cars. The effect is the same (and potentially even more friendly for younger children). A well-publicized Bay Area haunted house is occurring at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds from now through November 1.  

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#2: Drive-in Movies  

This cozy fall activity is already a classic favorite, but it’s not well known by many younger people. Drive-in movies are trending again, since they allow for effective social distancing while still getting the big screen experience. Of course, the ability to bring your own snacks is also always a plus! One famous Bay Area location is West Wind Capitol Drive-in in San Jose, but there are numerous other locations around the area. When you get a chance, do a quick Google search to find a location near you!

#3: Pumpkin Patches

This final activity is another fall favorite and one of the few that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Across the country, pumpkin patches are still opening and functioning as usual with a few added precautionary measures. This is a great opportunity to visit a farm, take some pictures with loved ones, and perhaps even purchase a few pumpkins to carve later (yet another fall activity!). Pumpkin patches are also fantastic for any variety of occasions, whether that be a day trip with family, a date with a significant other, or just a fun outing with a little one. 

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Despite the unusual circumstances this fall, there are still many activities to look forward to!

Manya Zhao

UC Berkeley '24

Manya Zhao is a freshman at U.C. Berkeley studying psych on the premed track. This is her first time exploring journalism, but she's devoted large portions of time to writing creative nonfiction and short stories in the past. Besides writing, you can find Manya reading, cooking, or binge-watching Friends for the thousandth time.
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