3 Empowered Young Female Celebs You Should Be Following

1) Clementine Creevy

Instagram Handle: @cherryglazerr



She is best known for starting the punk rock band Cherry Glazerr at the ripe age of fifteen, so clearly a major badass. The band’s first album was titled “Haxel Princess,” and they first gained attention when high-fashion icon Saint Laurent’s creative director found them through social media and asked to feature their song “White’s Not My Color This Evening” in the soundtrack for one of Laurent’s biggest fashion shows. Since then, the band has released the critically-acclaimed album “Apocalipstick,” and the now-20-year-old LA-native has been featured in numerous pop-culture magazines such as Teen Vogue and Rolling Stone. More than just a musical icon, Clementine also dabbles in modelling and, as can be seen on her social media, stunts an extremely eclectic, bold, badass style, and carries herself as such. Her high successes in the entertainment industry aside, Clementine’s social media very much exemplifies how she prides herself on still just being a young woman, and exudes confidence, youthfulness, and lots of humor. In a recent interview with Vice, Clementine was asked about her goals in creating music and responded: “I’m just talking on my ass here but I guess I just want to have my opinion heard and respected, so I have got to work for that by doing exactly what I want to do all the time [music].”


2)    Lily-Rose Depp

Instagram Handle: @lilyrose_depp



You probably know Lily-Rose Depp as the daughter of movie stars Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, but the tiny (literally, 5-foot-tall) 18-year-old has been paving her way to her own stardom, starting in the fashion world in 2015 when she became the youngest face of Chanel No. 5. Since then, Lily-Rose has become a fashion icon, exemplifying a simple yet decadent style with hints of spunkiness. As seen on her social media, she often wears simple pieces and neutral colors but spices her looks up with heavy, bright eye makeup and bold lip colors. Further, Lily-Rose began marking her territory in the film world in 2016, when she starred in the fantasy/thriller film “Yoga Hosers.” She also stars alongside Natalie Portman in the upcoming French film “The Planetarium,” since, impressively, the star is 100% fluently bi-lingual in both English and her mother’s native language, French. You can find tons of interviews of Lily-Rose switching from English to French in minutes, maintaining her eloquence the entire time, and let me tell you it is wild to watch. Amidst her rising fame, Lily-Rose has spoken out about sexual discrimination and numerous other political issues. She openly discusses her bi-sexuality on Instagram, and slyly shamed the current state of American politics in a recent interview with W Magazine, where she states, “I would have been nicer to America a year ago. The way politics is going, it’s hard for me to sit down and point out all the things that I love about America [compared to France].” On a lighter note, Lily-Rose has also spoken about the anxiety epidemic in millennials and the generation below. She stated that social media shouldn’t be a source of such mass anxiety: “I don’t think before I post, I just post whatever I want whenever I want.”


3)    Princess Nokia

Instagram Handle: @princessnokia and @smartgirlclub


Destiny Frasqueri, who goes by the stage name Princess Nokia, started her musical career with the debut of her 2015 song and music video “Young Girls.” She now has multiple singles on Spotify, such as “G.O.A.T” and “Tomboy,” as well as a hit EP titled “1992.” While Princess Nokia’s music is undoubtedly rowdy and fresh, I believe that her true artistic authenticity lies in her music videos. Her music video for “Young Girls” is peaceful and colorful, depicting a large group of women all dancing together; women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. This exemplifies a common theme in her videos, which, in a September 2017 interview with Teen Vogue, Frasqueri said are meant to represent and stay true to her afro-indigenous ancestry. Along with music, Frasqueri holds being an afro-indigenous woman as a huge part of her identity. She even created a collective called Smart Girls Club, which promotes spirituality and different forms of healing and wellness, and sells products such as spiritual books, incense, and herbs to raise money for immigration legal defenses and educational funds.