3 Albums to Get You Hyped to Both Work Hard and Play Hard


I used to think that hardcore rap music was only for getting hyped to go out on Friday nights after a long week. However, when you’re waking up at 7 AM to edit an essay that you’ve already been working on for three straight days, you need something more than strong coffee to get you wired and “excited” enough to actually focus. Similar to getting hyped to go out or participate in a sporting event, we all have our realm we go into when we’re hardcore studying; you know, the kind of haven’t-looked-up-from-my-book-in-three-hours “wait what time is it?” world. Studies show that listening to the same music every time before you study trains your brain, and you’d be surprised how much blasting these tunes on the way to a library, midterm, or final will put you in the zone.


  1. Always Strive and Prosper- A$AP Ferg




There was a solid three months where I listened to “New Level” everyday before studying without fail. Plus the title offers some motivation.


2) Atrocity Exhibition- Danny Brown




“Really Doe” has Kendrick featured on it, and I can promise you the chorus will play in your head after every question you ace.


3) Everybody Looking- Gucci Mane




Pro Tip: This album also makes a great gym playlist.