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10 Movies You Must Watch During Spooky Season


It’s officially spooky season which means it’s time for pumpkin patches, haunted houses, corn mazes and most importantly, scary movie marathons. Don’t know what to watch? Here’s a list of must see movies that will have you sleeping with your eyes open, or wishing you were a witch. Either way, these movies have a vital role in preparing you for the frightening, yet thrilling month ahead.


1. Hocus Pocus- The best Halloween movie of all time. The Sanderson Sisters have become the most iconic trio and are the representation of October and all things Halloween. A great movie for people of all ages as it’s a creepy, yet funny movie. The movie gives you the real feels that fall is officially here as we get a look at historic Salem, Massachusetts. The movie seems to follow the story of the Salem Witch Trials which started with a group of young girls who claimed to be possessed by the devil. But don’t get too freaked out, it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus… right?


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas- A Halloween classic… even though I watch this movie during Christmas time too. But there’s nothing better than having “this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween” stuck in your head for the whole month of October. Also, watching Jack and Sally together just screams relationship goals.


3. Halloweentown- Arguably the best Disney Channel Original Movie. Only the first three movies though, because the fourth one where they switched the characters just ruined the movie. Halloweentown always made me wish I was secretly a witch with a grandma as cool as Aggie Cromwell. Unfortunately, that wish never came true but every year in October I can pretend I am one when I watch the movie, and so can you.


4. Scream- Now what’s not to love about a scary movie, that’s about scary movies? Scream is not only suspenseful, but it’s also a way to learn a lot about other horror films. Don’t know who the killers are in Halloween or Friday the 13th? Ghostface wouldn’t like that, so it’s probably a good idea to watch the movie and learn.


5. Halloween- One of the scarier movies because thinking of a guy who can murder his own sister at age six really makes you think that he’s capable of killing anyone. The best part about the movie though is really the creepy music, Michael Myers’ mask, and the infamous pumpkin on the front porch. Also a great movie to watch before the remake comes out later this month.


6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- By far the most frightening because it’s based on a true story. The suspense from this movie is like no other as you watch people try to escape a crazy family of cannibals in the middle of nowhere. This movie is so gruesome and horrifying that it was actually banned in multiple countries when it first came out…


7. Beetlejuice- Nothing’s spookier than being haunted by ghosts, and Beetlejuice does just that. One of the original haunted house movies but with a twist. A dead couple who hires another ghost to scare people out of their home, might scare you out of your home too. This is another movie that is rumoured to have a remake soon!


8. A Nightmare on Elm Street- Another classic, but this one will definitely make you afraid to go to sleep. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… then skip right to nine, ten, and you’ll never sleep again.


9. Saw- Yes all eight of them. Saw is like the ultimate escape room, but if you don’t get out… you die. The freakiest part about the movie is that Jigsaw, in a weird way, is actually trying to make unappreciative people be grateful for their lives. So what’s worse? Getting chased by a killer, or being psychologically tortured until death? Watch all the movies and make your choice…


10. Casper- Last but not least, Casper the friendly ghost! One of the cutest Halloween movies ever. A must watch because you have to incorporate some sweetness into your movie marathon after all the horror. And if your house is haunted you just better hope it’s Casper.


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