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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Ready to forget about school and enjoy the freedom of a road trip, but don’t know what to pack?

Since moving to Berkeley, my boyfriend and I have become experts in small road trips. Weekend getaways are hard to resist as there are so many nice places to visit!

Here are my easy road trip essentials to get the most out of your next road trip:


I’m very serious about this. Snacks are essential to enjoying yourself on a road trip. Road trips involve driving long distances, often with nowhere to buy food along the way. Your best option? Pack a wide variety of snacks. Trail mix, tangerines, apples, and cookies are my favorites because they’re easy to keep in the car and are very filling.


The last thing you want to experience during a road trip is a lack of water. Keeping a few extra gallons of water in your car is a must! I also recommend bringing large bottles filled with ice water, perfect for those hot days! 


Let’s be honest, most navigation apps suck. Whether it’s technicalities or signal loss, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no idea where to go. Use trustworthy apps to avoid this. Additionally, downloading the map of the area you are going to is a good backup. It doesn’t consume a lot of memory and keeps you safe in case you lose signal along the way.


Headaches? Scratches? Dizziness? Road trips can be rough at times and it’s important to be prepared. Over-the-counter medications, bandaids, antiseptics, and more are recommended


I can’t imagine a road trip without music. Having a USB (or, at least, a downloaded playlist) with my favorite music is a must! As much as I love streaming music, if I don’t have a good signal, the fun is over. So always be prepared!


Now you can buy small but powerful speakers to listen to music 24/7. There are so many models and designs. I recommend buying one that is waterproof so you don’t have any problems.


Whether it’s the weather or the air conditioning that’s frigid, a cozy blanket will save the day!  They’re also great for picnics or to use as an emergency privacy screen if you are sleeping in your car. 


I can’t imagine going on a road trip without it. It’s a must in both hot and cold weather. 


Avoid sunburn and a bad trip by using sunscreen. Your skin–and your health will thank you later. 


I don’t know about you, but bugs eat me alive. I can’t take a road trip without having bug spray on hand. Bugs terrify me, and knowing I won’t have to hear, see, or be bitten by them is a life saver.

Ready to grab your bags and hit the road? 

Alondra is a Peruvian Senior transfer at UC Berkeley, majoring in Film and Media Studies. Passionate about the arts, traveling, and women empowerment; you can find her either enjoying hot chocolate while drawing, or out for an adventure to write about.