What Would Our Lives Look Like Without Facebook?

You have it as your home page. It is an essential app on your phone and it uses up most of your leisure time. It has become the main reason of your procrastination. It is Facebook, and you have just found out that it is shutting down FOREVER. The idea of not having Facebook anymore is terrifying, but as Facebook’s success stagnates, the possibility of Facebook shutting its doors may not be so crazy after all. 

Here’s a glimpse of what the world would look like without Facebook.


1. E-mail chains with cute dogs would come back.

You know, the ones you used to get before Facebook was a thing?


2. People still won’t use Google+.

Just a fact!


3. We would have ‘less’ friends, but stronger relationships.

The fact is that you may have over a thousand friends on Facebook, but still feel lonely, and that loneliness drives you to use Facebook even more. Sending an instant message on Facebook takes a hundredth of the effort that meeting with a friend in person does, and we often substitute one for the other. Without Facebook, we would be forced to meet with our friends more often, and we would end up building stronger relationships with them. 


4. We would be more productive (or would we?).

This one may not be true for everyone, as there are people who are great at limiting their procrastination by blocking Facebook while they work, but for most of us, Facebook is a dangerous tool that helps us procrastinate when we really should work on finishing our homework. Without Facebook, we would be more productive (or perhaps we would procrastinate on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat even more, but let’s be optimistic!)


5. Millennials would actually learn how to talk on the phone.

How else would you talk with your friends?


6. We would actually start reading newspapers. 

Currently Facebook is becoming the primary source of news, but it makes it hard to distinguish reliable sources from fake news sites or from sponsored content.


7. You would think of far better pranks to pull on your friends.  

Simply stealing their phone and posting embarrassing Facebook status updates wouldn’t cut it anymore.


8. You’d send people real birthday or Christmas cards.

Facebook greetings are just not personal enough, and get out your calendar because Facebook’s no longer there to remind you!


9. You’d feel less self-conscious about your look.

You would no longer crave ‘Likes’ as validation and you’d become more comfortable in your own skin.


10. Maybe, just maybe, you’d be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Think of it, there’s no Facebook and something may need to replace it. What else can you do with all that spare time you’ve gained thanks to saying Goodbye to the world’s favourite hub of procrastination?


Think of all the possibilities without Facebook, HCUBC cuties!