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Ah fall, the time of year when campus is crawling with fresh-faced youth, dressed to impress, still full of vitamin D from that residual August sunshine that seems to always follow us back to school at the beginning of September. The idyllic scene I’m describing probably sounds a lot like the opening credits of an Amanda Bynes (pre-schizophrenia) movie to you, but we all know university life ain’t no Van Wilder flick. Which probably explains why after the first two weeks of September, all those fresh faces are replaced by lack-lustre, frequently soggy slobs pretending to wear their UBC sweats in the name of school spirit, when in reality it’s just the only thing they could find that wasn’t stained with mustard after living off of Pita Pit for eight days. (Falafel counts as health food, right?) Campus starts to look more like what I would envision a post-schizophrenia Amanda Bynes movie to look like; tragic, unsightly, and full of really unkempt hair-dos.

And I’m not saying you’re all disgusting, style-less people. Well, some of you are, but chances are you elected not to read the style pieces on our website. The problem with our student population is that our need for comfort causes us to compromise our style and individuality. It’s the UBC style rut, and it most commonly rears its boring, ugly head in the form of a rain jacket paired with leggings and Hunter boots. Looking for a fun drinking game? Try taking a shot every time you see a girl on campus wearing this lazy uniform. You’ll be wasted before noon. (You’re welcome.)

I understand that trudging around a puddle-filled campus makes even the most stylish girls run for their sweatpants. And we all want to be comfortable in case we fall asleep during a three-hour lecture about the geo-political ramifications of… something. But all it takes is a little creativity and inspiration to create easy, comfortable outfits that are on trend.

Your mission: Emerge from that crowd of Lululemon-clad drones looking as put- together and original as you did on Imagine Day.

Your inspiration: Our friend the Internet. I present to you five ultra-cool fashion sites that will have you walking onto campus with Yeezus level confidence, even during midterm season.

1. For those of us who live in a t-shirt and jeans, there’s Julia Sarinana’s blog. She’s casual, yet never looks like she just rifled through a dumpster. 


Come on, girls. This isn’t that difficult…

2. Australian stylists/superwomen Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson update daily with inspiring street-style and editorial snaps. Their Pinterest board from stylists Emily and Meritt has something for everyone. And unlike every Pinterest craft you’ve ever attempted, these looks are actually easy to imitate.


4. Style Quotient is arguably Vancouver’s best street-style blog, capturing the city’s diverse fashion elite. 


Photo credit here

5. While it’s focused more on culture rather than fashion itself, this Tumblr is just… really really cool. (And Canadian!) 


Observe: Creativity

All the best with your fashion choices this year – we hope (in earnest) to see less sweatpants tucked into Ugg’s, and more colorful and creative outfit selections! If there’s anything you take away from this post – when in doubt, please do not turn to your pajamas. Leave it at home, ladies. Leave it at home.

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