UBC Reacts to the 60th Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are a way for the industry to celebrate and showcase some of the greatest and/or most successful musical accomplishments of the year. For the viewers it's a wonderful chance to see your favourite artists get the recognition they deserve, or to cry tears of rage when they get passed over. Here's what some Her Campus UBC writers thought of this year's Grammy Awards:

"Kind of sick of Bruno Mars winning everything, but very proud of Kendrick Lamar! (HUMBLE is one of the greatest songs of our generation)."  

"Personally a huge fan of Bruno Mars and I think he's the type of artist that every song in the album is pure gold. I think he deserves everything he got and Versace on the Floor is my jam! But, I've got to say, Kendrick Lamar's performance was so powerful and creative."

"Why in the heck did Ed Sheeran win? Now that stupid, shallow song is gonna be all over the place again."

"I didn’t even know the Grammy’s happened."


Credits: GRAMMY.com, giphy.com, WordPress.com, tumblr.com