Trump’s First Week in Office: An American Horror Story

President Trump’s first week in office was one huuuge American Horror Story. Major executive orders, ugly symbolism, an inability to do math, and unqualified advisors were the dark clouds to kickstart this four year storm. (That is, unless he gets impeached… Fingers crossed!)

On the bright side, we had Women’s Marches happening all over the world on inauguration day and into the next day, possibly some of the largest demonstrations to happen in the States!

Here are some of the gross things Trump did in his first week - and I say some, because he did a ton of stuff. I’m still surprised that he had the time to do all of this amidst his tweeting…

The Obamacare Order

Trump signed an executive order to allow for the minimization of Obamacare to commence before a full-on repeal. This is terrifying. Obamacare helped cover over 20 million Americans! If Trump makes drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid on top of this, it’ll be a scary time for Americans. Private health care is inaccessible and inadequate for Americans who rely on these federal programs. On top of this, Trump’s Health Care Secretary nominee Tom Price will protect the interests of big pharmaceutical companies before protecting the needs of the American people. Pinch me, this must be a nightmare…

The Pipeline Order

Trump undid Obama’s undoing of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline construction. If he cared about Native Americans and the environment, he would leave these pipelines where they belong - in the past. His pick for head of the EPA Scott Pruitt further perpetuates this money before environment attitude. During his hearing, the nominee couldn’t assertively say that climate change is the direct result of human and industry activities! While Pruitt didn’t call climate change a hoax the way Trump does, he seemed hesitant when saying that these activities have an “impact” on climate change, not that they are the fundamental reason why climate change exists.

The nominee’s skirting around the answer goes to show another one of Trump’s agendas: supporting the fossil fuels industry. Anything to protect the top 1%, amiright? Not only will our bodies and our environment be suffering from the continued use of these nonrenewable energy sources, but we won’t be able to afford health care to fight chronic illnesses aggravated by pollution! Fantastic!

The Anti-Abortion Order

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Americans, Trump legalized a ban on US-funded groups around the world discussing abortion. This is unacceptable. The pro-life attitude that helped create this law is really anti-choice, as women who need an abortion in a life-or-death situation now won’t be able to access that procedure. Not to mention, where is Snow White amongst these seven men?? Oh, right - in the legislation they’re approving about her body!


The Immigration Order

Trump signed a xenophobic order that will keep “radical Islamic terrorists out.” (a.k.a. innocent Muslims who are not a part of terrorist groups.) He is suspending the admission of refugees from Syria and limiting immigration from a laundry list of countries: Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. However, countries where terrorists actually come from didn’t make his ban-list, because he does business in those countries. Shoutout to him, once again, putting the interests of himself and the top 1% before those of the general public. Because of this order, American immigrants who travel abroad can’t get back into the country, and immigrants currently in the States have trouble leaving the country to see their families at home. This is disgraceful.

The White House Website

Here’s one of the symbolic things Trump and his staff did, or rather failed to do, in his first week. They made changes to the White House webpage that made it less inclusive and representative of all Americans. They didn’t make a Spanish version of the website, alienating Mexican and Latinx Americans. According to his new Press Secretary Sean Spicer (ugh, don’t even get me started!), they didn’t have time to fix the website. Really? Was it really that hard to find someone who knows their way around basic web design? Really?? Try again.

They also removed the LGBTQ and EPA sections of the website, clearly showing how much they care about gay rights and the environment. (I’ll give you a hint… He cares as much as his hands are big.) The idea that the President is filtering out information about communities and issues, as well as making the remaining information less accessible to all Americans, leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with an “F” and ends in “-ascist.”

2 + 2 = 1 to 1.5 million?

Okay, so there is no way that there were “1 to 1.5 million people” at Trump’s inauguration. But Spicer and Trump stand steadfastly by these “alternative facts.” However, they are wrong as can be. Just look at the difference between his and Obama’s inauguration crowds:

These imaginary 1 to 1.5 million people were probably having a great time at the Women’s March!

To people in the States and abroad who are being affected by Trump’s rhetoric and policies, I send you all of my love. Whether or not you're protesting, stay safe out there. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Until Trump gets impeached, or leaves office, here’s a lovely game you can play that messes up his ugly hair, on