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Top 4 UBC Student Summer Looks

Summer is a time for wardrobe self-expression. Finally you can forget about the stress of class and just pour yourself into living it up. Check out these 4 ideal outfits to rock around Vancouver this summer. 


1. Finals-Are-Finally-Over Pyjama Casual

The perfect cozy outfit for the non-stop sleep marathon you desperately need after finals season. This comfy cotton top paired with warm flannel pants is sure to give you the sweetest dreams ever. 

2. Summer Concert Beer Garden Club Formal

This hot little number is perfect for those muggy outdoor concerts you’ll be rocking out at this summer. The pattern will help disguise any beer spills you may experience while also letting the world know that you are a fun-loving summer woman. Don’t forget to pair it with the hottest scent of the season — bug spray!

3. Mom-Is-Doing-My-Laundry-Again Business Semiformal

This look is ideal for every situation you’ll run into back home: from visiting your grandparents to the dozens of internship interviews you’ve got lined up. Wear this until your mom is out of the house and you can sneak all your more risqué clothing items into the laundry without anyone noticing.

4. Wreck Beach Super-Casual

Undoubtedly the ultimate summer causal look, this outfit is Wreck Beach-exclusive and requires very little space to pack, plus it can be purchased for the low low price of 1 bottle of sunscreen! Just remember to be careful of where you sit, lest sand end up in… uncomfortable places. 




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Avery is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia, where she is exploring her innumerable and possibly not very practical interests. She hails from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and has plans to do much more travelling before she gets too tired. If given a choice she would much rather have gone to Hogwarts, but readily admits that UBC is a close second. Her most notable talent is an uncanny ability to quote Hamilton during almost any conversation.
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