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Tips to Getting Your Dream Grades

It’s the second week of finals, and while some of us are still sincerely hoping for a heap of snow to cancel our exams, some have largely accepted the fact that it is what it is. Finals can be stressful, and instead of studying, we often find ourselves staring at a blank wall or watching re-runs of our favorite TV show to procrastinate as much as we can. To prepare for the flood of exams (and to ace every single one of them) try one or all of these tips!


1.  Take a walk before a study session

It has been proven that a 20-minute cardio session will help the brain to retain memory faster. Exercise will also elevate energy, prevent drowsiness and reduce stress. So, before you start a history session, make sure to break a sweat!


2.   Eat superfoods

While the temptation to eat the whole pan of pizza by yourself is so, so tempting; junk food, especially ones that contain a lot of sugar, is not suitable for a long study session. It will keep you going for a short while until a sugar crash hits and the only thing left is sleepiness. To maintain energy level and focus, stick to nutritious foods that have been proven to aid memory, such as blueberries, yogurt, avocado and dark chocolate (yum!)


3.  Make sure your friends and family know your study goals 

Feeling extra-driven? Limit social distractions by letting the people closest to you know about your study plans and goals. Letting people know about your goals will not only keep you determined, but also give you the support you need to achieve them.


4.  Change up your study spots

Staying in Irving from 9 to 9 is not only boring but also draining for your brain. Expel boredom and improve your memory retention by changing up study spots from Irving, Forestry, Koerner and even the Starbucks at Agronomy Road. A study stated that when you are studying, the brain make associations between the subject and your background sensations, making it easier to retrieve the memory.


5.  Change up your study methods 

Get the best of both worlds by studying in a silent study room by yourself and creating a study group or attending a review session. Try listening to classical music instead of your usual jam. Use different colored pens even if it is not really necessary. Spice it up!


6.  Do more practice test

Sometimes summarizing or re-reading is not enough. Find relevant practice questions sets on the internet and do as much as you can!


7.  Reward yourself

Finals stress might make you forget to take care of yourself. Don’t forget to take breaks every once in a while and reward yourself for even the littlest study achievements and do not feel guilty for it. You deserve it!


And finally,

8.   Start your studying early

…if it is still not too late.


Now go get em!


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