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Ten Women-Owned Vancouver Businesses to Get Behind!

As Wednesday was International Women’s Day, the gals at HCUBC thought it would be a great idea to curate a list of the top ten female-ran independent businesses here in Vancouver. 

So, without further ado:  

1. Bombay Brow Bar          Owners: Ravy Minhas-Mehroke and Amy Minhas


I’ve been getting my brows done at the Bombay Brow Bar in Yaletown ever since I moved to Vancouver last August. I’ve tried many wax bars for my eyebrows, and Bombay Brow Bar takes the cake. The estheticians always ask whether or not you’d like an arch and which eyebrow you prefer. The brows they create are natural looking and crazy symmetrical. Definitely check them out!   

2. Woo to See You          Owner: Hans Woo


Woo to See You is too cool. I sauntered in on a Friday after classes and fell in love with Woo’s carefully curated collection of “local, small run, handmade items.” Artsy, inclusive, and very hip, Woo to See You is definitely worth the walk through.    

3. One of a Few           Owner: Michelle Rizzardo 


Such a cute and creative store! Loved walking through One of a Few. Beautiful handpicked pieces. The epitome of Vancouver style in one store. Left with my bags full of great stuff! Will be back very soon. 

4. LYNNsteven         Owner: Nicole Durnin


A new favourite of mine. Such a thoughtful and detailed layout inside – the changing room is made up of 6000 books! I really enjoyed walking through the LYNNsteven. Some super cool pieces. Definitely worth the busride to Gastown! 

5. Charlie and Lee         Owner: Kleah Marie Graham


Charlie + Lee is such a cool store. They sell everything from ceramics to clothing to soaps. Reminded me of a smaller scale Anthropologie. Will definitely be back!


6. The Juicery Co.           Owner: Alex Troll and Christina Prevost                                                                                                                                          source

The Juicery Co. is incredible. Their juices and recipes are put together wlith input from a naturopath, a holistic nutritionist, and a traditional chinese medicine practitioner. They have such a wide selection, you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for. 

7. Nineteen Ten     Owners: Amy Russell & Jenn Kiel                                                                                                                                      source

Nineteen Ten is the place to buy your home decor. The boutique has a very Scandinavian vibe – like the most clean cut cabin you’ve ever been too. Not only that, but they feature a lot of Canadian made brands, too! Definitely worth the saunter. 


8. Savoie      Owner: Sara Byblow 


The cutest clothing store in Kits by far! Designed in Vancouver, Savoie has the most feminine pieces out there. A great place to find your popcorn top for a Friday!


9. Our Little Flower Shop      Owners: Erin Crowle and Kerstyn Edey


Our Little Flower Shop is my favourite place to shop at the Granville Market. They sell bundles of lavender, baby’s breath, myrtle, etc. Super cute for at your desk! 

10. Dogwood Brewery        Owner: Claire Wilson


I’m not much of a beer drinker myself, but Dogwood’s beer is definitely the exception. Not only does the beer taste great, but the cans have the cutest designs on them, too (little bumble bees, pinecones, etc.)! Definitely worth trying out. 


Make sure to check out these amazing shops HCUBC cuties! 


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