Studying for an Exam as Told by The Hills

Exam season is full of stress and drama, and no one does drama better than The Hills. Here is the ugly truth of studying, as told by The Hills:

1. You note the day of your exam a month ahead, which may as well be a lifetime 

2. Only for it to sneak up on you in what feels like days...

3. And now you're wondering how you're supposed to fit four months of readings into one night...

4. But, of course, you keep putting it off until the last possible minute 

5. Finally, you open your books

6. Only to discover that you remember absolutely nothing 

7. Now, the panic begins to set in...and a few tears

8. And you find yourself googling: "Is a college degree really necessary?" 

9. So you call your mom to tell her you're dropping out 

9. And she quickly reminds you that no, that's not happening 

10. Reluctantly, you turn back to your books and begin cramming 

11. With your brain overworked and exhausted, you decide to call it a night 

12. As you set your alarm, you note that you will be getting a whole three hours of sleep! 

13. Yet you still manage to oversleep 

14. Exhausted and anxious, you somehow make it on time to your exam 

15. While looking over the questions, you swear that half of the topics were never covered, and the other half you were certain wouldn't be tested 

16. You leave the exam, defeated, cursing your prof  

17. Regardless of the results, you know there's only one thing left to do