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Some SLC Thoughts, Written by You!

Last Week HCUBC tabled at the SLC, and asked the participants a few questions. Here’s what some UBC thoughts are, written by you!

What is your 2016 New Years Resolution?

“To stick to my goal of helping people and not letting social stigma bring me down.” Nusrat, 1st year

“Get healthy.” – Fatima

“Clean out my closet.” – Anonymous

“Cook for myself!” – Moeko, 2nd year

“My New Year Resolution is to wake up everyday with a smile on my face. Also, I hope to get fit this year by joining a yoga class.” – Yue Wang

“To floss my teeth, and to take better care of my mental health.” – Umaima, 4th year

What’s the best part of the SLC so far?

Photo credit: Austin Kretzschmar, Megan Leong, Brandon Lal, and some of our lovely volunteers

“Maggie’s presentation.” – Lindsay, 2nd year and Paige, 3rd year

“I have been really touched at my first SLC. I had the opportunity to listen to many influential speakers, such as Rick Hansen, who shared their story. It made me realize that everyone has something to offer. Go out there and get involved. Sky is the limit.” – Aria, 4th year

“Meeting new people.” – Fatima

“Rick Hansen.” – Oonagh

“Thespeakers! And meeting inspirational students.” – Anonymous

“Rick Hansen.” – Grace, 2nd year

“All the opportunities.” – Anonymous

“Maggie DeVries had an amazing presentation on the missing and murdered Indigenous!” – Neha

“Opening Ceremony – Rick Hansen” – Cassie

What do you think of the International Student Fee Increase?

“It could both be good and bad. It could mean more scholarships which is good. ” – Nusrat, 1st year

“It is not condusive to an inclusive and diverse student body in my opinion, sas more international students will not have as strong of an incentive to attend UBC due to the costs. It will increase the divide between the rich and the poor students attending UBC, and will not create the same international atmoshere of UBC.” – Heather, 4th year

“I think that it will disrupt Vancouver’s ideals of multiculturalism. I have always been proud to call Vancouver a multicultural hub, but the international student fee increase at UBC restricts the flow of potential international students leading to a diminishing multicultural community. We will most likely only receive international students who come from wealthy, privileged families and often those who are the most hardworking are from the most unprivileged backgrounds.” – Akhil, 1st year

“I think the recent increase being proposed is way too high.” – Grace, 2nd year

“I think more info should be provided as well as more awareness.” – Anonymous

“Horrible, it is a barrier to expanding the university globally.” – Moeko, 2nd year

“Opposed to it.” – Umaima, 4th year

Co-Campus Correspondent at Her Campus UBC. Originally from Calgary, Jessica is a third-year English Honours student at UBC. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, and sometimes she even writes, too.
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