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Selene Rose

Meet Selene Rose! An acting major at the University of British Columbia, Selene is starring in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, playing now at the Frederic Wood Theatre! 

Keep reading to learn more about her. She is sure to be a household name in the acting world! 


The Basics

Year: 5th

Major: Acting

Hometown: Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast


Fun Facts

Favorite destination: “Favourite” is so much pressure. I haven’t been everywhere to know for sure, but I love the Chilcotin.

Favorite food: Everything! Mostly homemade macaroni and cheese

Favorite tunes: Cat Empire, Taylor Swift, and Shaggy

UBC Involvement: I was on UBC Improv for 3 years. We competed to the College Improv Tournament Finals in Chicago in 2012. I have stormed the wall and was a definite Pit regular for the entirety of 2nd year (Who wasn’t, amiright?)

When I’m not at school, I can most likely be found: At work or cooking.

Hidden talent: Finding 4 leaf clovers. I have hundreds!

If I won a million dollars, I would: Buy a ranch so I could give my horse, Patches, a nice retirement home. He’s getting old.

Dream job: Being employed as an actor!

Favorite quote: “Such is life.”



Relationship status: Single

Turn ons: A sense of humour!

Turn offs: When people are on their phones – technology, ugh.

Celebrity crush: Orlando Bloom (I feel like we’d really hit it off too!)

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