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Romantic Resolutions from Her Campus UBC!

As Valentine’s day approaches, we come to ponder our romantic past and relive our mistakes. Or at the very least, we at Her Campus UBC did, and a few of us came up with some romantic resolutions for our future selves, some are funny, some are raw, all are true. Here’s to hoping you won’t make the same mistakes we did!

Anonymous Daisy:

To my 2019 self, I would say not to fall into the trap of going too fast too soon with anyone. I would say tell myself to keep to my standards, and not fall into a relationship that takes me away from my goals and adds stress instead of pleasure. I would tell myself to be wary of one-sidedness in romance. To avoid partners who lack independence and rely on me to help them grow. I am not in a position in life where I can take on a relationship with someone who relies so much on others, regardless of their kindness. I would tell myself to explore, and lose the pressure of finding the perfect person, to instead enjoy life and people as they come. Life, love and sex are strange, beautiful, wicked things, and they exist to be appreciated in full self-acceptance.

Anonymous Penguin:

Don’t let a guy (no matter how cute) wear your jacket home if you don’t think you want to go on another date. That was a really nice jacket… it’s his now.

Anonymous Sparrow:

If he is too good to be true there might be a chance that you’re on the money. Because those first few weeks may be magical and straight out of a Japanese comic, ethereal, but with true feelings, but the rest will last an eternity. Trying to unsee and unknow all those things he did is not worth that one time he cooked you breakfast in bed.

Stop trying to convince yourself it’s because you aren’t good enough no person is worth making you feel that way. Love yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

Anonymous Ghost:

An advice to girls in 2019 is to get out of toxic relationships as soon as red flags start to show up. No one deserves to be manipulated. Many times, we can be the ones having a toxic behaviour by being overly jealous and controlling. THAT IS NOT OKAY!

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