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Riley Hill ’15


Name: Riley Hill

Year: 1

Major: Environmental Design

Hometown: Dryden, Ontario


Fun Facts

Favorite hangout on campus: The Global Lounge, gets the most sunlight of anywhere on campus.

Favorite movie: Pleasantville

Favorite song right now: “Emmylou” by First Aid Kit

Favourite class: Psych 102

Favourite prof: James Cooke

Something left on your UBC bucket list: The Undie Run


Love Life

Taken/Single: Single

Best quality in a girl/guy: Quirky mannerisms are always adorable

Biggest turn-off: Aversions to trying new things

Ideal first date: Rock climbing, then Tacofino after

Celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhaal

Co-Campus Correspondent at Her Campus UBC. Originally from Calgary, Jessica is a third-year English Honours student at UBC. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, and sometimes she even writes, too.
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