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Our Favourite Childhood Costumes

For those of us who grew up in North America, Halloween is one of the most fun and memorable holidays of our childhoods. Sometime they’re great, sometimes we look back and wonder what our younger selves were thinking. This week we asked the Her Campus UBC staff writers what their most memorable childhood Halloween costumes were: 

“A fairy princess – very classic, I know. I was obsessed with both princesses and fairies and was conflicted about which to be. When my mom suggested I just combine them and do both, my mind was blown. I wore a ridiculously large, silk dress with puffy sleeves and dollar store butterfly wings. The look was completed with a plastic crown and glittery wand.”

  — No Regrets

“A pumpkin for eight years straight.. I just really like pumpkins.” 

  — The Pumpkin Man 

“Most memorable costume was when I was Marilyn Monroe and then I walked into my math class to see that the teacher had dressed the exact same. Awkward to say the least and I definitely changed [my clothes] after class.”

  — Who Wore it Better

“I once dressed up as Princess Leia. I bought a wig and made her iconic hair with it.”

  — At Least it Wasn’t the Metal Bikini

“I dressed up as sleeping beauty 3 years in a row in elementary school. Same dress every time.”

  — Thrifty AF

“My best friend and I loved to do tandem costumes. One year I dressed up as an escaped jailbird (my trick-or-treat bag was a pillowcase with a big cartoony ‘$’ drawn on it) and my friend dressed up as a policeman and pretended to chase me down and beat me with a nightstick all day. The teachers tried to intervene a couple times because we were so convincing.”

  — Black and Blue

“My friends and I all dressed up as superheroes one year and then watched The Conjuring together.” 

  — Super Spook  


“I was a Roman soldier. Very cool. Next favourite was a ninja with all the authentic swords and weapons – I would have been arrested now.” 

  — Future Badass

“My friend took a big TV box and cut arm, leg and head holes and made herself into a chocolate bar.”

  — When Chocolate is Life  

What was your favourite costume, HC UBC? 

Photo Credits: i.pinimg.com, partiescostume.com, giphy.com


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