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My Favourite Vegan Starbucks Drinks!

Being vegan, I really really appreciate avaliable options when it comes to ordering drinks at Starbucks. Most, if not all, Starbucks locations offers soy and coconut milk as dairy free alternatives. In this dairy dominated world of ours, here are some of my personal hacks for fellow vegans when ordering hot drinks at Starbucks!

1.  Tea Lovers

There's a vast selection of hot teas; herbal, white, black and green. My favourite thing to do is to ask for one of the herbal or white teas made with half hot water and half steamed lemonade, it's amazing for when you are feeling a sore throat coming through or simply when you want a hot caffiene-free alternative for later in the day.

2.  Lattes

Your lattes can be made with either soy or coconut milk! Just keep in mind that some of the syrups have dairy; steer away from the caramel brulee, pumpkin spice and the caramel drizzle on top!  My favourite lattes include the soy matcha green tea latte or (this is a weird one) a raspberry soy latte.  The raspberry one is a very aquired taste, but if you are someone who enjoys it, there's no going back.  

3.  Mochas

Unfortunately, the white chocolate mocha has diary but the regular mocha is vegan! Just remember to ask for no whip on top! P.S... a lot of people really enjoy the peppermint mochas!

4.  Americanos

This is a straightforward one. All Americanos are vegan, since it's simply espresso shots with hot water.  If you want an american misto, simply remember to clarify whether you wanted soy or coconut milk!  

Good for you for being dairy-free, whether you've been your whole life or simply for a day.  It all counts! 



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