Midterm Season feat. Marvel

Let's be honest, is there ever a time when it isn't midterm season? No matter what part of the semester you're in, it is almost a guarantee that you or someone you know is currently studying for a midterm. Or, should we say, procrastinating on studying for a midterm. To give you the boost you need, here are all the steps you need to succeed in your midterms — or at least pass them.

Step 1: Stay cool as profs somehow schedule all your midterms in the span of 3 days. You should probably have expected this, to be honest.

Step 2: Listen to your T.A.s. They will (hopefully) tell you what parts of the course you should focus on in order to achieve a solid grade, even if this is the first time all semester that you actually care about what they have to say.

Step 3: There's safety in numbers and two brains are better than one, so get yourself a study group.

Step 4: Start off strong, then call out your study buddies fifteen minutes in for not actually studying.

Step 5: Give up when they refuse to listen to you. This isn't what you signed up for. 

Step 6: Decide you are better off studying on your own. Leave them to their fates and strut away with attitude.

Step 7: Time to get serious. Put yourself on a schedule. Set an alarm and do not ignore it, I repeat, do not ignore it.

Step 8: Make sure you have a sweet study playlist on hand. Pause to groove a little.

Step 9: When the textbook fails you (and it will), just google it.

Step 10: March into that exam like you own the place. This is it. This is what you have prepared for. This is your time.

Step 11: Panic when you get to a question you don't recognize. Forget everything you've ever learned since kindergarten. Wrack your brains to see if you can remember anything, anything at all.

Step 12: Walk out of that exam feeling... pretty alright.

Step 13: Repeat as necessary for the rest of term. 



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