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LISTEN: Pop singer Cali Rodi’s new single, “Elevator”

Bubbly Cali Rodi takes a little bit of a shift in mood in her latest release, “Elevator.”

Released on October 26, Rodi said that this new song is a change of pace for her. “’Elevator’ is definitely a different sound from me and my previous bubblegum bops,” Rodi said to HerCampus UBC. “I’m a new artist, and people are still trying to get to know me. I’m writing songs all the time, so I’m beyond ready to show more and more sides of my music.”

In comparison to the heavily bubblegum-pop influenced “Party Favor,” “Cake” and “Sorority,” “Elevator” is a little darker and bolder.  The intro to the song sounds slightly spooky, already hinting at a different sound. Rodi described the song as “a lot darker and sexier than anything I’ve released before.”

Rodi said she was inspired to write the song by a relationship she was in at the time, a relationship that she said was “at a standstill.” 

“We got so used to being with each other that we forgot to keep things exciting,” Rodi said. “I was thinking of how romantic it would be to be doing something as normal as taking the elevator up to your apartment and being completely surprised by the person you love and they just start making out with you.”

The lyrics of the song, especially in the verses, are detailed and descriptive, possibly an homage to Rodi’s days in country music in Nashville. But the chorus is infectious, the hook destined to be stuck in the head of anyone who listens to the track.

This is the first taste of a new side of Rodi’s artistry, but there’s much to come. She recently teased a more emotional track, “Blink 182 + You” on her Instagram, hinting at the expanse of music to come from the rising star. “I have so many new songs I’m dying to share,” Rodi said in an Instagram post sharing “Elevator.” “This is only the beginning!”

Listen to “Elevator” below.

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