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Kelsey Snowdon


Name: Kelsey Snowdon

Year: 2

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Vancouver

UBC Involvement: Bizzcomm


Fun Facts

Hobbies: Music, drawing, photography, YouTube

Hidden Talent: Making faces like Mr. Bean

Guilty Pleasure: The Vampire Diaries

Favourite thing to do to relax: Drink tea, go outside, and spend time with good people

Dream job: Groundbreaking psychologist or musician

Favourite music genre/songs right now: Arctic Monkeys/AM and Daughter/If You Leave

If you weren’t in school right now you would be: Pursuing music, going on adventures, and making lots of art.


Love Life

Single/Taken: Taken

Best qualities in your partner: Intelligent, caring, and twinkly eyes

Turn off: Flakiness

Emma is an English Honours student at UBC majoring in English Literature. She enjoys books, tea, travelling, and horses.
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