How to Prepare for Avengers: Infinity War

How hyped are you for the Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Black Panther crew, and nearly every other superhero we've seen on the big screen since 2008 (except the Fantastic Four, for obvious reasons) go up against Thanos, the biggest, baddest, most intimidating villain the world has ever seen, in the apocalyptic battle we've all been waiting for? If your answer was anything other than a bestial roar of enthusiasm, you're not hyped enough! Don't worry, we have a step-by-step plan to get you as prepared as you can be. 

Step 1: Get your ticket NOW!

Those things are worth more than gold to fans right now. It may already be too late to book opening night, but you might still get opening weekend.

Step 2: Re-watch both the trailers!

Then re-watch them again. Obsess over every single detail, from the colour of the sky to the miniscule blob of pixels in the back ground that might — just might — be a hidden Stan Lee face. 

Step 3: Formulate complex and involved theories based on the tiniest amounts of evidence. For instance, who's going to die? I know we're all nearly in tears just from thinking about it, but someone's going to die. I have odds on Iron Man and Nebula, but please PLEASE prove me wrong.

Step 4: Fortify yourself emotionally.

Meditate, centre yourself, and keep your safety blanket near, because there's almost no chance that you'll emerge from the cinema unscathed.

Step 5: Create your contingency plan. Make sure everyone is aware and knows to follow procedure no matter what.

You need to plan for any possible eventuality, just like this guy, who decided to set some rules before watching Infinity War with his partner.

Step 6: Count down the days with more excitement than a child counting down to Christmas.

It's almost here! We've been waiting a decade for this and NOW IT'S ALMOST HERE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Ahem, I apologize, I got a little too enthusiastic there...

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres April 27th (thanks to Robert Downey Jr). You should maybe start lining up now, there's no way you want to miss this!



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