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How To Look Flawless And Natural

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UBC chapter.

We all like feeling flawless, but that cakey feeling from wearing make up all day is something we all hate. How about feeling flawless, but natural too? While most beauty tips take hours off your day, these are my easy 5 step guide to staying beautiful and natural!


1. Sweat it out!

Working out not only helps us burn those extra calories we’ve been accumulating after sitting for so long, it also makes you sweat! Sweating actually works wonders for your skin, as it releases accumulated toxins and opens up your pores. Low to moderate sweating is preferred. Remember to wash your face immediately after working out, otherwise the humidity on your face may give you undesired effects.


2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your face with gentle sponges (available at the UBC bookstore!) and a natural, hydrating soap or facewash. Do this one to two times a week and you’ll start noticing improvements. Your face will feel baby soft too! Check out these 10 tips before you start exfoliating.


3. Moisturize 

Moisturize your face every day with a good face cream that contains SPF (UV protection). This will make your face feel much smoother and protect you from those hurtful UV rays! Get face creams that fit your skin type, as some of them might be too oily for you. Check out these tips to find the perfect moisturizer for you.


4. Curl those lashes

After moisturizing in the morning, grab that lash curler and put it to work. Curling your lashes is a fast way to make your eyes stand out without needing to use any make up. If you want a stronger impact, apply a small amount of mascara and you’re ready for class!


5. Bronzer and lip gloss

As the winter makes its way to our campus and joins us in the joy that is midterms and papers season, we might start feeling closer to a zombie than to a wonderful woman. You’ll be amazed by what a small amount of bronzer on your cheeks or contour can achieve. Add some shimmer or moisturizer on your lips if you wish, and you’re ready to go!


And on your way out, remember: you’re amazing, HCUBC CUTIES!





Isabel is a total foodie studying in Vancouver to discover the true meaning of being a global citizen. Isabel loves sailing, music and spending time with friends. She enjoys cooking and would like to have a big farm one day to have several dogs and horses...and in case you were wondering, her truest fan is her dog, Eddie, 12 years old and blind, happy Pinscher miniature with a very strong personality and possibly her greatest friend of all time.