HC UBC Profile: Talia Ho

This week features Talia Ho, a Bachelor of Commerce student from Sauder! Talia successfully maintains a busy schedule while showing off her pretty awesome fashion sense.

Name: Talia Ho     

Year: 3rd

Major: Commerce

Hometown: I grew up in Shanghai

Favourite place on campus: the Nest because of all the food!

Why UBC: For beautiful BC 

What made you choose your major: Family business

Favourite class you've taken so far: CNPS 433

Goals this year: To learn how to think more maturely.

One word you'd use to describe the BirdCoop: Constant.

Song that always gets you pumped for working out: Sleep talking – Charlotte Lawrence

Thing you are most looking forward to this semester: Thriving academically. 

Favourite food: Butter chicken curry

Place you want to travel to next: Ibiza

Go-to outfit for class: Hypebeast!

Advice for your freshman self: Keep your priorities straight, while enjoying yourself.

Quote you guide your life by: “Stop waiting for everything to make sense.”

Who would you like to invite to dinner, dead or alive: Walt Disney