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Glimpse of Will Alvarez : Music, Animals and Philosophy

One night in first year, my roommate and I made the spontaneous decision to hang out down at Wreck Beach. That's where we met WillWe ended up building a bonfire and singing along to his vibin' playlists. We are still adventuring together now, whether it be in search of food, concerts downtown or unique vintage stores, it's all smiles when Will's around.  

Here's my interview with him!


HCUBC: What is your major and/or minor? 

Will: "Undeclared right now but hoping to major in philosophy and hoping to minor in computer science. Somehow going to mix the two together." 

HCUBC: What clubs are you in?

W: "Common Energy, which is like an environmentalist club. Also hoping to join the pottery club, gonna get into pottery, so stoked!"

HCUBC: What is your favourite course thus far?

W: "It was my Philosophy of Minds course, which discussed artificial intelligence and I think that's actually what got me into computer science. I think that's what I'd like to get into."

HCUBC: What is your favourite word (doesn't have to be English)?

W: "It's probably love in Italian, actually, let's just make it the ablative case in Latin* because I don't know it for sure in Italian! 

*Will and I are in the same Latin class!

HCUBC: What is your least favourite word?

W: It's not really one word but when people say expresso instead of espresso, AH!

HCUBC: If anything could be possible in this world, what is one thing you would like to see happen?

W: I think it's hard to find one ultimate priority... but one thing I would like to see changed within people is their ignorance towards the environment and how their actions affect not only themselves but everyone around them and everything around them, so I think if one thing was possible it would be to have people become more conscious. Not only to be conscious but to be willing.  

HCUBC: What is your dream career?

W: Oh, that's a good question for university students. I'd like to see myself being a philosophy professor. I know it's ambitious, but we'll see!  

HCUBC: Who is your role model?

W: Oh my brother, for sure! He's been very studious and dedicated his whole life. He's set a high standard for all of us because he's the oldest one we grew up with. It was a high standard but he never made it seem like we had to get up to that level. He always inspired us and tried to get us to become the best we could be and he has amazing music taste, so he's also my role model in that sense. He used to play lots of music in the household. He used to play lots of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and The Ramones. He got me into that pretty young. 

HCUBC: What kind of music do you listen to?  What is it about them that draws you in?

W: Well, one of my favourite artists is Lana [Del Rey] of course! I think the reasons why is that her voice creates this scene in my head where I feel like I'm in a different place through her music. I don't know if this is a word, but atmospheric? She creates a new atmosphere with just her voice. It's amazing. James Vincent McMorrow, Local Natives, Beach House are others as well. I love that kind of vibe where you're taken away.  

HCUBC: Why do you think you are so attached to music?

W: It's a really central role in Colombian culture. My parents always play music, like always, when they're cooking, or when they're doing anything. Not any specific kind of music, just music itself.  

HCUBC: What is your story on becoming vegan?

W: A few years ago when I decided to go vegetarian, I was triggered by my individual realization about where the meat I'm eating comes from and what it means for the animals that have to suffer for it. So I wasn't really ever pressured or told by anyone, it was just the realization of what it is. I remember this one time when we were discussing why one of my friends was vegetarian and she just casually told me that the dairy industry is just as bad, if not worse than the meat industry. In a sense, vegetarian wasn't enough for me and for my beliefs. It plays a big part in the way I advocate for sustainability and the environment.

HCUBC: If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

W: This is gonna sound kinda cliche especially because I'm taking philosophy but question everything.  

HCUBC: ... and also to listen to more Lana ... 


HCUBC thanks Will for being rad! Go check out his Spotify playlists!



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