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Four Canadian Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Tired of watching the same old YouTubers? Here are four Canadian YouTubers to subscribe to.

Allana Davison

Usually based in Vancouver but currently living in Toronto, Davison’s content usually centres around beauty and fashion, with the occasional vlog thrown in there. She has a very Vancouver-style (a lot of Aritzia, a lot of turtlenecks) and usually does tutorials of pretty wearable makeup looks, which is perfect for college girls that rarely go to events that require bold makeup. She’s also really great about body positivity and showing the more imperfect side of her life to balance out her beautiful Instagram feed.

Erin Elizabeth

Simple beauty and minimalist style are Erin Elizabeth’s specialties. She posts clean, beautiful edited videos about her capsule wardrobe, her intricate and beautiful hair styles, and her fairly natural daily makeup routine. She’s a beauty YouTuber for those not insanely into beauty, as she doesn’t necessarily call herself a beauty YouTuber, more of a lifestyle YouTuber. Occasionally, she posts food and meal-prep videos full of ridiculously good-looking and healthy (!!) recipes. 


For accurate and non-biased reviews of makeup products, RachhLoves is my go-to. She’s one of the few YouTubers who actually does full day wear tests of items, checking in at the very end of the day to show her audience how each makeup product held up. If you’re looking to purchase some makeup, RachhLoves’s channel should be your first stop to get honest reviews of both high end and drugstore makeup. She also has a lifestyle-oriented channel, RachhLovesLife, where she talks more about her personal life and her experience as a mom.

Kalyn Nicholson

Toronto based, Kalyn Nicholson’s videos vary immensely. You never know what kind of video you’re going to get, which makes it super fun to be a subscriber of this YouTuber. She’s super honest about her struggles with anxiety, and has a lot of videos devoted to talking about her experiences with mental health and how she gets through life. Her obsession with redoing her bedroom results in a lot of great redecoration vlogs, and her “Coffee Talks” are full of inspiration and words of wisdom. She also has a killer (and usually affordable!) fashion sense and has some great makeup and hair tutorials. 

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