Everyone Should Watch The Tick

A few among you may be familiar with The Tick: that giant blue instrument of destiny, staunch protector of The City, and all-around dim but loveable superhero from the '80s comic books, the '90s cartoon and the '00s live action television show. Or, you may not know of him; either way, you should be excited to know that The Tick is fronting yet another TV show in his own name, and this time it's better than ever. 

As a longtime Tick fan who was sadly underwhelmed by the first live-action series, I approached this adaptation with a good deal of trepidation. What I found was a gut-busting, mind-blowing, existential love-letter to the original series, yet still able to branch out and become its own unique and thoroughly enjoyable show. The new series features an overarching plot with deeply involved storylines (a far cry to the cartoon's episodic origins), good solid laughs, Easter eggs for long-time fans, and just enough dark humour to make you laugh while simultaneously wondering how you ever got to this point.

Characters have been re-vamped in new ways, making them relatable and leading the series to address many contemporary issues through the much-beloved classic superhero parody genre. In addition, the new series introduces its own original characters, including:

The wrathful and static-ey Miss Lint,

The angsty discount Punisher-archetype, Overkill,

and Derek.

So if you're in the mood for a witty, heartstring-plucking, irreverent, and (as Tick would say) neat new series, check out The Tick on Prime Video as soon as humanly possible (yes, Amazon came up with something good for once. shocking, I know, but not unwelcome).




Photo Credits: deadline.com, giphy.com