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Event to Look for: The MOV’s City on Edge Exhibit

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) will be showcasing a series of photo collections for their newest exhibit City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism beginning September 28, 2017 and running until February 18, 2018. The project, featuring 650 images of street demonstrations, protests, and riots from the early 1900s to the present, aims to expose and capture Vancouver’s rich history of activism. The photos, collected from the Vancouver Sun and The Province, will be coupled with large digital projections and films, all set to the sounds of protest choirs. The experience is expected to be immersive and spectacular. 

Photo taken by Jason Payne/PNG

The exhibition is designed by Amir Ofek and co-curated by Kate Bird, a retired Pacific Newspaper Group librarian, and Viviane Gosselin, Director of Collections & Exhibitions at MOV, and is set to feature protests beginning as early as 1907 with the Anti-Asian race riot – an iconic and violent event. Other protests showcased include the shore workers’ strike at the Battle of Ballantyne Pier in 1935, the 1946 Daily Provence strike, the Gastown riot, and many more. “The photographs reveal a wide range of social and political issues throughout Vancouver’s history,” says Kate Bird. Indeed, these visual representations of Vancouver’s complex past are not to be missed. 

Photo from the Vancouver Sun, 1946

Immerse yourself in Vancouver’s culture and explore the ways in which our present have been determined by our past. As Viviane Gosselin explains, “events depicted in the exhibition remind us that laws and policies that we often overlook today are the result of citizens taking their concerns to the street.”

The exhibit will run from September 28, 2017 to February 18, 2018 at the Museum of Vancouver. Student ticket prices are $16.00 – buy them online here. 


Information and images taken from the press release on http://mpmgarts.com/media/campaigns/museum-of-vancouver-city-on-edge-a-c…

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