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Dear World: Happy Valentine’s Day

So, every year I’ve been with Her Campus I’ve done this thing where I write a Valentine’s Day letter. In the past, I’ve written one to myself and to my readers, but this year I thought I’d go big. This year, I am graduating from my degree, moving to a new city, and becoming a RealAdult™. In honour of my growth as a human being, and the new phase of my life into which I am about to embark, I thought I might as well just go for it. Without further ado, here is my wildly hopeful and broadly-addressed letter:


Dear World (or whom it may concern),

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank-you for being so full of love, and excitement, and gluten-free brownies from Great Dane Coffee (but if you could stop selling out of the latter before noon that would be great).  Thank-you for having some really great teachers, parents, friends, romantic interests, books, ice cream flavours, colleagues, apartments, roommates, coffee shops, mountains, and online shoe sales. You do right by me in so many ways, World.

To be honest, though, I’m a little disappointed that after all this time, you still think throwing a ton of assignments, papers, meetings, and random emergencies into the same week is a good idea. Frequently being on the brink of completely losing it is emotionally draining, but somehow you still go on, turning me with you, so I’m thankful for that. Despite your stresses, I love you for all the privileges and joys you still bring me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, World. I hope that on February 14th, 2016, there are many cards, kisses, and flowers given. I hope that people blatantly and unabashedly participate in what is mostly a consumerist holiday. I hope that people refuse to participate in a consumerist holiday, but tell someone they love them (or like them, or tolerate their presence) anyways. Or don’t. I hope that people have Galentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day, or just a regular day where they do regular things and are happy because it’s a normal day. I hope that there is a lot of love and happiness happening in the world today – for you the reader, for me the writer, and also just for everybody.

Thanks for reading.



Co-Campus Correspondent at Her Campus UBC. Originally from Calgary, Jessica is a third-year English Honours student at UBC. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, and sometimes she even writes, too.
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