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Creepiest Places You Can Stay In This Halloween Weekend

To celebrate this year’s Halloween, Airbnb has announced that Romania’s Bran Castle will be listed on the website during this Halloween weekend. The Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle,” was said to be the basis of Bram Stoker’s classic and the guests will be hosted by Bram Stoker’s great-nephew, Dacre Stoker.

Two lucky winners of the global contest will spend a night sleeping in a coffin and exploring the castle’s thirty five rooms. But for the rest of us who didn’t get a chance to participate or find that Romania is too far, here are some creepy places that we can stay in this weekend to get an authentic spooky night: 


Bedford Regency Hotel

Where: Victoria

The Bedford Regency Hotel was once called the Churchill Hotel back in 1960s, with a beer hall in its basement. The hotel was said to be haunted by the ghost of a couple, Brady and Lady Churchill. Brady was stabbed when he was walking down to the beer hall and Lady Churchill, who witnessed the stabbing, was traumatized and killed herself. Employees have reported seeing the man in the basement while the lady has a more frequent sighting, appearing outside of rooms, in mirror reflections, and causing wind drafts even when doors are shut.


Fairmont Empress Hotel

Where: Victoria

Fairmont Empress is a popular destination for Victoria’s ghost walking tours. There are a whole lot of stories about the hotel, including one about an old woman who lived her last years in the hotel. Late at night, she will knock on doors and ask for help finding her room and disappear halfway. The room itself had been demolished to make space for the new elevator and it is believed that the old lady is eternally lost. On the topmost floor, guests have reported seeing a moving shadow of a body swinging back and forth that vanishes when investigated.


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Where: Banff

Another Fairmont hotel in the list is Fairmont Banff Springs where many legends float around, with the most popular being “The Bride.” A bride was reported to have died falling down the stairs on her wedding day in the 1920s and since then people have reported seeing a veiled figure move up and down the stairs. Her legend is so popular that she has been featured on a stamp and coin. Another terrifying story is room 873, where it has been said that an entire family was murdered. Guests who have had the unfortunate experience of staying in the room have reported being awakened by screams and finding bloody handprints all over the mirror. The room is now inaccessible and guests can no longer stay there.


Heathman Hotel

Where: Portland

Listed as one of the twenty-one most haunted hotels in the United States, the Heathman Hotel gained its reputation because of its “ghost of 03.” Legend has it that a man committed suicide in room 803 (or 703, depending on your sources) and his ghost now haunts every rooms that end with 03, the most frequent being 703, 803, and 1003. Guests have reported seeing a hazy face staring at them from a corner of the room, moving furniture, and feeling a presence with them in bed. Hotel employees will tell you that they feel a resistance when entering the room, even though the room is completely empty.


Queen Mary

Where: Long Beach

Originally a luxury cruise ship during World War II, the Queen Mary is now anchored and converted into a hotel. Many deaths have occurred in the ship during its run (some say it’s more than 50) and their ghosts are said to be wandering around freely. In the kitchen, a chef was killed by his own staff who stuffed him in an oven and his screams can still be heard. Another chef, who worked for a long time on the ship, died by natural causes and was laid to rest at sea. His presence can sometimes be seen ‘working’ in the kitchen – appearing and disappearing.   


The Sorrento Hotel  

Where: Seattle

The Sorrento Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice B. Tolkas, a writer’s muse and marijuana activist who used to live nearby. Her presence is mostly located in room 408, where guests have been advised to look out for glasses moving on the bar or a woman dressed in a vintage outfit with a parasol. Some guests also reported her presence in the hotel bar, with cold drafts or touches when nobody else is around. The hotel calls her a friendly ghost and honors her with a special menu served annually during Halloween.


Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Where: Vancouver

Vancouver’s very own Fairmont Hotel is reported to be haunted by “Lady in Red.” She was a regular visitor of the hotel who ended up living there permanently in the 1940s after a fatal car crash. She has been reported to roam around freely in the hotel, going from floor 1 to 14, sometimes taking the elevator to go up and down. Hotel employees also have reported seeing her going into rooms where new guests are checking in. She is dubbed the nicest ghost in the city and the building completely embraces her existence by honoring her in one of their specialty cocktails.


Looking for a scary experience, HCUBC cuties? This is a perfect list for you. Happy Halloween! 


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