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Celebrating The Women Of Now

October is our month. In Canada, October is Women’s History Month Women have been and are continuing to push and strive for change even when, and especially because, we face inequality, oppression, discrimination, resistance, and so much more.  The hard and sacrificing work of women in Canadian history and histories across the globe have brought us to where we are now — a little closer to gender equality.  Let’s celebrate their accomplishments, but also acknowledge the new challenges we must face and continue to stand against.  There are women today, right now, who are taking a stance and continuing to be the trailblazers of our generation.  

Here are some women that have a strong presence in my life through social media whom I would love to share with you all! Let’s celebrate each other! Let’s continue this fight for equality!


1. Emma Mercury 

Emma Mercury is part of a community of determined, strong, and passionate individuals on social media who use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to push for change! I get daily notifications of her tweets that teaches and reminds me of different issues everyday.  I’m also subscribed to her blog where she is creatively interacting with her thoughts and feelings about any issues that she faces. She is so in touch with current events and often voices her thoughts and opinions, which are always insightful and respectful.  She radiates this energy that always inspires me to DO SOMETHING. 

P.S Her second magazine has just been released so give it some love ❥❥❥  


2. Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire is an incredibly moving poet who acts as the voice for people whose truths are often ignored, excluded, or told inaccurately.  She has a strong presence on Twitter and Tumblr where she tweets about issues like racism, exclusion, and inequality. Her poetry embodies her own life experiences and contains themes of displacement, belonging, nostalgia, and the longing for home.  She uses words to convey feeling and gives a real emotional depth to some issues within society.  


3.  Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg has conversed with Gloria Steinem about feminism and has been featured by Oprah Winfrey on her SuperSoul 100 list of powerful individuals working to move the world foward. She has spoken about politics of identity with 1-D magazine, has talked extensively about cultural appropriation, and has been named one of the “Feminist Celebrities of the Year” by the Ms. Foundation for Women. But more importantly, she is continuing this journey towards equality and understanding.  She is a trailblazer, so follow her on every social media platform because she is so knowledgeable as an activist. 

Time to read up on the activists of our past and present, HCUBC! Happy Women’s History Month! 


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