Big/Little Tag!

For those of you who don't know, in a sorority, each new member is paired with a "Big" sister. Basically, the role of the Big is to guide you through Greek life and to be a constant support system that you can turn to. Generally, you are paired with another girl based on how well your personalities match and/or if you request one another; think of it like speed dating. This year, I joined a sorority and was lucky enough to be paired with the greatest Big in the world: Megan Barnett.

Since day one, Megan and I had an instant bond. Her enthusiasm, tenacity, and outgoing personality were exactly what I needed to come out of my shell more and embrace life. I go to her for everything--whether it's a question about differentiating between Greek acronyms or if I should change my major. To put it simply, Megan has quickly became one of my best friends. 

To share how awesome she is, I decided to compile a list of Big-Little questions for us to answer

1. How did you meet?

Megan Barnett: we met at this sushi restaurant called The Eatery (also our fav restaurant to go to together) after some other active members and I invited a few of the new members out to get food! Funny enough I invited someone else who then invited Sam (lulz). 

Samantha SchumacherOne of the other new members invited me to get dinner with her and some other girls. I remember being super nervous at first and having Megan send me the directions over Facebook messenger before I had actually met her. 

2. How did you choose Sam as your Little/Megan as your Big? 

MB:  I chose Sam as my Little because she is literally my other half--we're pretty different people but it works really well together! I also knew I wanted her as my Little after meeting her once.

SS: I felt instantly comfortable around Megan, like we had known each other our whole lives. I knew I wanted her as my Big because she honestly felt like a big sister to me.

3. Did you know Megan was your Big before Big Little reveal?

SS: Yes! I had a feeling it would be her, but I knew for sure when I received a "secret" card from her that had clues about who she was. In the clues, she mentioned loving the smell of chlorine and said she had hiked The West Coast Trail...I knew Megan was a life guard and in her Instagram pictures there was one of her on the trail--It was pretty obvious. 

4. What were the best/worst parts of Big/Little week?

MB: The best part was crafting Sam's letters; however, It was also the worst part because they looked really ugly in the beginning and it was super stressful. Still, I somehow managed to make them look pretty good in the end.

SS: Honestly there were no bad parts! I received secret gifts, candy, and was basically treated like a queen.   

5. What is your favourite memory together? 

MB: We have a lot of great memories together but one of my favorites was last Halloween. We went to this awful Halloween party that was so boring we ended up leaving and going downtown to get poutine (which was a way better idea).

SS: One night we just ordered pizza and watched stupid movies. It was super low key--just us in our sweats--but it was so much fun. 

6. How do you feel about your Little getting a Little?

MB: I'm excited for her to find someone she vibes really well with that she can spoil. We'll always have a great relationship so I'm not worried about it! Plus anyone she wants as a Little I'll probably get along with too. 

7. When did you both know you had made the right choice?

MB: I knew I made the right choice the second time I met my Little. I invited her out for Mexican food and we were sharing stories and I knew she was the one!

SS: When I discovered that she is just as obsessed with Jenna Marbles as I am. 

8. Which song best describes your relationship?

MB: "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield because it's sweet, inspiring and infectious (you can't not sing along). That's how I feel people see Sam and I as Big and Little.

SS: "The Way" by Ariana Grande because it always makes me smile and is just a classic jam. 

9. What's your favourite thing about each other? 

MB: My favourite thing about my Little is her accomplishments. She's incredibly talented, intelligent and driven. I feel proud to be her Big.

SS: My favourite thing about Megan is that she is unapologetically herself. I admire her confidence so much!

10. On a scale of one to BF, how close are you? 

MB: BF! I love this girl she is amazing!

SS: I'm pretty sure my actual BF is jealous of her. 

11. Which dynamic duo best describes your relationship? 

MB: Mary Kate and Ashley. 

SS: Batman and Robin.