Avoid the Exam Blues this Finals Season

It can be very tempting to crawl into a dark hole during exam period and not emerge until the very end. While I myself have been guilty of removing myself from humanity during finals, this is definitely not the healthiest or happiest way to spend your time studying! To save you from the mistakes I have made in past exam periods, HCUBC is here with a lovely list of reminders for you to keep in mind as final season carries on. Don’t forget to take care of yourself this final exam period!


1. Make sure you see sunlight or breathe fresh air at least once a day

Avoid making the dark corners of Koerner your home for all of exam period.


2. Don’t let your final exam schedule stop you from maintaining your exercise routine

Or for people like me, don’t let finals stop you from beginning an exercise routine.


3. Avoid all-nighters whenever possible

While some jam-packed exam schedules may necessitate one, don’t let all-nighters become a habit. Sleep is so important!


4. Taking a break one night and going out is okay

Get past the guilt and understand that finals don’t mean you have to stop living your life!


5. Keep your meals diversified

While I am a huge advocate for Subway sandwiches and macaroni & cheese, don’t forget about those healthy food groups.


6. Interact with other human beings

I love me some me-time, but studying with other human beings helps ease the pain of finals.


7. Maintain a study routine

Plan your days out so that you aren’t pushed for time when your final rolls around!


8. Remember that finals are not the end of the world!

There is more to life than finals, don’t be too hard on yourself and do your best!


Good luck on final exams, HCUBC cuties!