8 Disney Princesses Ranked from Least to Most Feminist

Disney Princesses are some of the first role models young girls have, which is why I decided to examine which movies sent a positive, feminist message and which sent the opposite.

In order of least to most, here are 8 Disney Princesses ranked based on how feminist they are:

8.  Snow White

After running away from the evil queen, she lives in a house with 7 men and the first thing that she does is clean the whole house for them (great!).

7. Cinderella

Cinderella had a miserable life as the servant of her own step-mother and step-sisters. Eventually, all of her problems are fixed when she meets a guy that thinks she’s wealthy by the dress and shoes she’s wearing. The prince himself doesn't even remember her face so he tries to find her using a shoe, yet she still marries him.

6. The Little Mermaid

Ariel is not a conformist - she even stands up to his father, Triton. She’s ambitious, creative and independent. But, she gives up her biggest talent, her beautiful voice, to be with a guy that she has never interacted with. This is also a great tale in which the girl wins the guy not because of her intelligence, charm, or humour, but because she is beautiful. 

5. Belle

Belle is one my favourite Disney Princesses. Right from the start of the movie, a song emphasizes how she desires “more than this provincial life” and how she is the only book worm in town. Everyone thinks she’s odd because woman literacy rates in 1800 in France were almost non-existent. She also sacrifices herself to save her dad from the beast, whom she ultimately falls for because of his personality and their mutual love of books. However, the happily forever after storyline repeats itself, when the beast transforms into a rich golden prince.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a strong Disney princess. Despite her father’s efforts to marry multiple men, she rejects them in the sassiest way. She feels trapped in the oppressive walls of the castle and decides to make her life an adventure. Once she is back, it is hard for Aladdin to convince her to get on the flying carpet with him. After continuously fighting for her rights, the Sultan decides to incorporate a law allowing her to marry whoever she wants.

3. Tiana

Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog, portrays an admirable woman who works hard for her dreams. Tiana’s dream has always been to open her own restaurant, which she accomplishes. She also demonstrates her strong work ethic by having two jobs. She is also celebrated for being the first African-American Disney Princess. In the end, she marries a prince (of course) who used to be a frog, but the message is clear: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

2. Elsa

Elsa from Frozen is a true feminist who doesn’t need a guy to be a respectable queen. Just like Jasmine, Elsa lives in an inescapable “prison”. When her secret is revealed, she finally finds the opportunity to be her true self and of course “LET GO” of all of her fears. In the end, it is sisterly love and not a prince that saves the day. 

1. Mulan

The most feminist princess that I chose was MULAN! She’s a warrior, hard-working and an amazing woman. She proved that women can fight just as well as men can, and look good while doing it. She defies gender roles and gains respect and admiration after she saves China. She taught all girls that we kick-ass if we want to.



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