5 Wallpapers to Get You Excited About Spring

It's official: Spring has sprung. I am always excited about Spring, mostly because I hate the winter, but also because it represents beginnings and fresh starts. Moreover, it marks the end of the school semester and the beginning of Summer vacation. To get extra excited about Spring, I turned to Pinterest to find the cutest wallpapers to brighten your mood and your laptop screen as you finish those final papers and projects. 

Here are 5 Spring wallpapers to download: 

1. Start Fresh 

The name says it all. 

2. Daisy Dreams 

Sometimes simplicity is best. 

3. Into the Wild 

Chaotic pastels are chic and relaxing. 

4. Crazy for Cacti 

I love how fun and bright this wallpaper is.

5. A Bed of Roses

Classic and elegant. 

Happy Spring HC UBC!