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4 Food Blogs to Follow on Facebook

As college students, we all know that sometimes we just need a chance to sit quietly and space out, so why not gaze at some scrumptious treats and learn some cooking skills while you're at it? There's no shortage of food blogs to choose from, but for maximum procrastination they must meet certain criteria: they have to publish videos that are short and sweet, they have to have some neat recipes with cool ingredients or techniques, and the food must must look one-hundred-percent delicious!

1. Tasty

Tasty provides viewers with a variety of quick, convenient, bite-sized videos about typical North American cuisine. Not only is the food yummy, but the video are put together with finesse and clarity. If you're looking for some international variety, try the companion pages Tasty Miam (French), Proper Tasty (Britain), Einfach Tasty (German), Tasty Demais (Brazilian), and Tasty Japan (Japanese, obviously). Also worth a look is Tasty Vegetarian, whether you're a vegetarian yourself of just want a peek into the lifestyle.

2. Get In My Belly 

Nothing on this blog could really be considered healthy, but if you're looking for something quick and easy this is the place to go. There's a lot of pre-prepared ingredients that go into these recipes (Pillsbury crescent rolls, anyone?), but that doesn't compromise on the deliciousness of these treats. Spend hours scrolling through videos or a few minutes following along to create some yummy food. 

3. So Yummy

This aptly-named blog is a bit of a step up in terms of difficulty, but the recipes are still easy to follow for amateur cooks of any level. This blog focuses mostly on meal-type foods rather than baking, but that doesn't mean the recipes aren't still fun! This blog is a go-to for simple party foods and share plates to impress any mob of hungry guests, and even features some kitchen hacks videos to help you with clean up.

4. Sweeten

As may be deduced from the title, this blog is entirely dedicated to sweets of all kinds. From bars to cakes to pies, they've got it all. The real stars of this blog though, are the cupcake decorating videos. Bright colours, towering icing, edible decorations that look like little toys, they've got it all. These videos are so aesthetically pleasing that you may go into a meditative trance just from watching them. You have been warned. 


Photo credits: howtostartablogonline.net, other credit to the linked pages  

Avery is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia, where she is exploring her innumerable and possibly not very practical interests. She hails from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and has plans to do much more travelling before she gets too tired. If given a choice she would much rather have gone to Hogwarts, but readily admits that UBC is a close second. Her most notable talent is an uncanny ability to quote Hamilton during almost any conversation.
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