3 Podcasts You Should Check Out

One of my favourite ways to unwind is by listening to podcasts. They are perfect for putting on the background while cleaning, cooking, walking to class, riding the bus, etc. With the hundreds of podcasts the exist today, it can be difficult to sift through all of them to find something worth listening to if you're new to this realm of media. To help make the process a little easier, I'd like to share three of my personal favourite podcasts that you can listen to for free

1. Jenna Julien Podcast 

Longtime YouTube star Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solomita post a new podcast every Monday. The duo discuss a variety of topics ranging from silly quiz challenges to the complexities of working for YouTube. Their chemistry is what makes the show so great, as they are hilarious together. This is definitely a podcast to listen to when you're down and just want to feel like you're chilling with your best friends. Some of my favourties are conspiracy theories, Julien sucks at celebrity trivia, and playing nuclear winter.  

2. H3 Podcast

Husband and wife team Ethan and Hila Klein explore a variety of often controversial topics on their YouTube podcast. They mostly interview celebrities and other YouTubers, including Post Malone and PewDiePie. I like this podcast because it touches on important issues and doesn't shy away from uncomfortable topics. They also like to ask each of their guests to share any experiences they've had with the supernatural, which is always entertaining and a little creepy. I'd suggest scrolling their channel and watching the video with your favourite guest to start.  

3. Serial 

Thought to be the OG of the podcast world. This popular true crime style podcast created by investigative journalist Sarah Koenig delves into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. The eighteen-year-old student disappeared on January 13th, 1999 and her corpse was later discovered on February 9th in Leakin Park. On February 28th, Lee's ex-boyfriend Adnan Masud Syed was arrested for the murder. Syed's first trail ended in mistrial, but he was later tried again and found guilty of murder and given a life sentence on February 25th, 2000 after a six-week trial. 

In season one, Koenig investigates the murder, original investigation, and trial through a series of podcasts beginning in 2014. You can download the podcast through iTunes or this link

I highly recommend this podcast to annoying interested in criminal law, crime documentaries, or mysteries. It's incredibly engaging and will have you constantly questioning what is right and how complex murder trials can be.