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10 Halloween Plans (That Don’t Involve Trick-or-Treating)

Halloween was once so simple. Trick-or-treating was always our go-to plan. But becoming a university student changes all that. When I started my first year at UBC, I realized that I had finally outgrown trick-or-treating and that I needed another way to spend the night. What is a UBC student to do? How will we spend this spooky holiday? What about the candy?

Fortunately for us, Vancouver offers plenty of ways to spend Halloween. Here are some Halloween inspirations for your night:

1. Go to PNE Playland for Fright Nights

Do you like roller coasters, haunted houses, shows, and food? If so, Vancouver’s Playland is the perfect place for you to visit this Halloween. Do it.

2. Have a horror movie marathon 

This is a great option if you want to keep your night simple and cheap (and scary). Plus, it is the perfect event for indulging in all the candy. Maybe checkout the Norm!

3. Check out a UBC Halloween party

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for a party to go to here at UBC. On Halloween night, multiple different UBC organizations and clubs will be hosting parties right here on campus. Go look ‘em up! 

4. Carve some pumpkins with friends

Stop by the UBC farm or a local supermarket and grab a pumpkin that captures your eye. Get together with some friends and see who can carve the best pumpkin.

5. Explore the clubs downtown

Off campus, Vancouver has plenty of other options if a party is what you’re looking for. Granville Street anyone?

6. Take a ride on the Stanley Park Ghost Train

If you’re looking for a tamer night that is still a spooky one, heading over to Stanley Park is another great idea. Trains are fun, Stanley Park is beautiful, and the “Classic Horror” theme for the train ride is sure to be a good time.

7. Visit one of Vancouver’s haunted houses

Vancouver has not only one, but multiple different haunted houses around the city to choose from. Visit them if you dare!

8. Light off some fireworks?

As someone who is not local to British Columbia, I find it extremely weird that lighting off fireworks is a Halloween tradition here. When in British Columbia do as the British Columbians do? 

9. Chase zombies around Vancouver with the Zombie Syndrome Theatre Adventure

Has saving the world ever been one of your goals? Well, now you can fulfill that goal by saving the world from a zombie invasion. If your curiosity is sparked, check out this awesome way to spend your Halloween night here in Vancouver.

10. Invite your friends over and have a costume competition (and eat some candy)

Host your own party! It can be as laid back and simple or as elaborate as you want. It can also have as much candy as you please.


So, there is clearly no need to fret! Trick-or-treating may not be an option for you now, but one of these ideas might be. Have a safe and fun Halloween, HCUBC cuties!


Emily Morehead is a fourth-year Honours Political Science major and a Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice minor - and the current co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UBC! :) She hopes to pursue law in the future and run for office someday. Emily loves taking long hikes up mountains, traveling to new places, and obsessing over cute corgis.
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