Inside The World of a Fashion Business Woman

While most students are clocking in at Wal-Mart or Kohl’s, this fashionista has something else in mind. Meet Meejee Kim, a UB student a co-founder of the stylish new online boutique, AMOMENT.
Her Campus (HC): What’s your major at UB?
Meejee Kim (MK): “I am a third year business major! You can always find me in the Merrick School.”
HC: When did you know you wanted to get into the fashion business?
MK: “I always had a passion for style and fashion, but I initially never thought to make a career of it. Later on in my academic career I began learning more and more about the opportunities in fashion business and decided that a “dream career” was possible, and I deserve a job that makes me happy. I worked hard and went for it.”
HC: What inspires you?
MK: “What inspires me is the people I surround myself with. Emily Kim, my partner and the CEO of AMOMENT, is a huge inspiration to me! Just a year ago she interviewed me for UB's Entreprenurial Fellows program, and now we are working together as a team to grow, expand, and to recruit new members to our business. It's crazy how one year can change my life.”
HC: What makes AMOMENT special? 
MK: “AMOMENT is a unique company because we bring Korean high fashion into US markets. Our focus is to bring high quality, affordable and beautiful apparel to our target market of high school and college students.”
HC: What are some of your duties as co-founder?
MK: “As co-founder I don't have a fixed list of duties, but I reach out to local high school and universities to sponsor events, recruit new team memebers and to bring our customers high quality clothing! Our mission is to give students an opportunity to work in the entrepreneurial field by giving them a chance to work with our company!”
HC: What’s your favorite pastime at UB?
MK: “My girls and I have an unofficial girls’ night every Thursday evening! We cook, chat, drink and vent about our week.” 
HC: What’s your favorite style staple?
MK: “The color black. All my girls know that I love to rock all black everything. It’s so chic, so minimalistic, so me!”
HC: Any advice for other students who want a career path like yours?
MK: “Be a sponge. Soak up as much information and experience from anywhere you can. I am constantly brainstorming with my best friends for new ideas and attending conferences like Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Life to hear business professionals speak. Use the knowledge of others to help you along your way!”