YouTube Spotlight: Jackie Aina

Youtuber, Jackie Aina, is a Melanin Queen. Aina is a famous African American beauty guru on YouTube. She might just be the most famous, from what I’ve seen. She was the first person that popped up when I first started to get into makeup.


She has 1.6 million subscribers, so you know she has to be doing something right. Content on her channel includes:


GRWM (Get Ready With Me) In the Shower Styling My Natural Hair


Confession: I’m Always Sweaty! Hyperhidrosis Tips


Trends We’re Ditching in (insert year here)


Fenty Beauty?! Hot or Hmmmm? 


She may just be a beauty guru, but she is far from boring because of how she is able to keep makeup from being such a long, drawn out ordeal. I watch her videos because I know I can get a good chuckle while receiving some bomb makeup tips. Jackie is one of the realest girls out here. She speaks her mind and doesn’t back down for anyone. I know you guys know about her twitter beef a few months back, but that just made me love her even more because she stands up for what she believes in. In essence, Jack Aina is definitely the one to watch for all my melanin beauties out there.