Young, Married, and In College

There is not a thing wrong with being married while in college. There isn’t anything wrong with being a young married couple. If you put those two things together, there’s nothing wrong with that either. If you and your significant other know, for a fact, that you want to be with each other until the end of time, go for it! Just make sure you have thought of a few things before you tie the knot of eternity.

Finish School

Everyone and their mama is going to have the mindset “Oh, they’re getting married so young. She/ He must be pregnant and/or dropping out of school.” Prove them wrong, for one. For two, finishing school will work out in favor of your marriage. Neither of you will have to work odd jobs. There will be a stable career that leads to a stable income, which leads to a stable life. No one likes to struggle and having a college degree can minimize some struggling.


Support System

Does your SO support your dreams? If so, does he/she help you find ways to accomplish your dreams with the least amount of stress possible? Do you guys work well together? Can you guys keep each other’s spirits up? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then life will be one winding, rocky road. That’s not as desirable as the ice cream either.



Are you in love with each other or the idea of marriage? This may seem like a simple question, but think about it. Can you really see yourself being with your SO until the end of time? Do you love you SO for who they are, for who you are when you are around them? There are couples who get married solely for external and material reasons and as you can imagine, those marriages do not last long. Looks fade and materials fade away. If you feel like you can hit rock bottom with your SO and tough it out until both of you climb out of that abyss then they are the one.


Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Every day is not going to be rainbows and sunshine, but if you are able to splash around and play in the rain then you and your person will be just fine. These tips can guarantee a beautiful and healthy start with your forever lover.


Photo creds: Katy-Rose Highland