Women Who Don't Hold Back

Jordan JaDella Smith

They do not hold back. Fierce, determined, women, and the minority.

In 2018, the world stood still as the Democratic party took control. At least 95 women won seats in the House of Representative during the midterm elections. Historically surpassing the previous record of 84 women in the lower chamber and continuing a trend of the party not in control of the White House performing strong in the midterms.Winners included two Muslim women, the first Native American woman, and first-time female congressional candidates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

The Democratic party won a critical battle, won over well-educated voters, and gave the American people hope and enthusiasm. The Democratic majority also gave the center stage to a diverse, outspoken group of progressive women. Many of the women stepped up as candidates and current representatives eager to shut down Trump’s behavior toward women, paving the way for many victims of the #MeToo movement and policies on issues including abortion.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encouraged primary challengers to fellow Democrats deemed too moderate, Representative Ilhan Omar suggested that America’s Middle East policy is driven by political donations from pro-Israel lobbyist, and Representative Rashida Tlaib plans to “impeach the expletive.” Ayanna Pressley, representative from Massachusetts, spoke out against President Trump dismissing him as “the occupant of the White House”, Representative Tlaib announced her resolution to file an impeachment, and Ms. Cortez supported a Green New Deal against anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Society must learn from the actions of these hard-charging women who get work done. We must elect officials who recognize the value of branding, bring fresh perspectives, different work styles, and set up realistic expectations. Democratic women feature ambition, leadership, negotiating styles, edge, and partisanship.

The Democratic majority, although rookies, have begun to rid the inaccurate stereotypes in politics. Women democratic lawmakers are a rising civilizing force, they are combating the toxic lies of the President toward women, and upholding a standard of what an oriented sisterhood looks like. When our local and federal officials have the best interest of the people realistic visions and strategies are promoted for effective economic development. When elected officials have a firm grasp on the success of the community they will be prepared to work with other jurisdictions to share responsibility for regional success.

America needs transparent resolutions, open lines of communication, and outspoken lawmakers who shatter stereotypes.