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Why Turning 20 is a Confusing and Big Deal


Wow! I am officially 20 and I am no longer a teenager anymore. The teen years can be an interesting and weird time in your life, but since turning 20 I think being in your 20s is more of a confusing time in your life…more than your teenage years will ever be. Here are the 6 reasons turning 20 is a confusing and big deal.

1. No More Awkward Teenage Years

When you turn 20 you are a mature adult and do not have to deal with those weird raging hormones that every teenager goes through. People also see you as an adult now and no longer a kid like they do when you are a teenager.


2.  You Really Are an Adult and That is Freaking Scary

Listen, when you are a teenager you always claim that you were an adult but now that you are an adult it is the scariest thing to be on the planet! I mean you have to pay bills, groceries, deal with college or grad school, get a real job, etc. It’s those moments that you wish you could be 15 again.


3. You Get To Make New Adventures

 When you turn 20 you realized that this is your opportunity to actually find yourself, travel the world, fall in and out of love, make new friends, and try new things because you are 20 and this is the time where you can be anything you wanna be expected do not become a criminal that would be bad.


4. You Are Officially Halfway Through College

Didn’t I just become a college freshman a week ago? It is amazing how much time flies and you just wake up and realized that you are junior in college. It a crazy thing to think about but it still time to have great adventures with friends and also make sure that you at least graduate on time


5. The Criticism You Receive Should Be Taken Seriously Sometimes

People will criticize you when it comes to what you wear, eat, how you talk and even walk. Even though when we people do criticize us on certain things, I think it is important to take that bad criticism and learn from it. We can not just always accept the compliments people give us and turn our back on the criticism that might actually help us be a better person.


6.  There Will Be Different People Entering and Exiting Your Life

When you turn 20 it is probably an important time to expand your friend group. Networking and building relationships with other people thing to do in your 20s because it can help you when it comes to getting a new job, internship or any new opportunity. The friends that you make will not always be there, so get to know new people, in the end, it will be beneficial.

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