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To Whom it may concern 



My name is Ash Fowler, I’m a student at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). I joined Her Campus in April of 2017 and since then I have enjoyed writing articles and being active with the Her Campus chapter here at UAB. The organization is wonderful for women to speak their mind and write about anything that they will love to write about. I personally write poetry and stories on real life experiences or what sparks my imagination. I thought about blogging or starting my own blog, but I never thought about it ever again, until I saw flyers around the school about Her Campus and my classmates having a discussion about the great articles they were reading. I had to grab my laptop and visit the website and it was another world outside of UAB. Sometimes college can become stressful and writing was like a escape mechanism for me. After finishing my assignments, I would think about topics I wanted to write about. I was amazed.. like.. “Her Campus” has their own website, with different campus’s and UAB is one of them! This is legit on so many levels, [laughs..] I was really fascinated about this, I enjoy reading articles from other campus’s as well. To know that there is an organization created for women to speak their minds and be women. Women are told to be quiet and let the men speak and lead, but times have changed and I love change. Women are standing up for themselves and speaking out and not only that, but they are leading the speech! I’ve always been a woman who spoke her mind and spoke the truth. Everybody has a story that should be told and we all should listen or read it. I’m willing to do both, I enjoy reading or listening to people’s life experiences. I’m more of a documentary woman, I love how people describe their life with so much passion and how they made it through the struggle. Her Campus has it all from real life experiences, beauty, college life, sports.. you name we write about it all. Whatever mood I’m in I use prayer, writing, reading, and exercise to escape. Her Campus has showed me the beauty of another world. 




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