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A Cashless Society

I know you had to read that title again and again. You read that title right, but don’t be surprised! Questions: How often do you use cash? Do you remember that one time you were running late for class or work on a empty stomach? I’m pretty sure you have used the tapingo app when you were in a rush to order food. Tapingo is that app that saved the day or using your favorite restaurant app to place an order with the touch of your phone. Your account information is in the palm of your hands not literally, but you get the picture here. We have moved into an advanced society of technology where we can pay for almost everything with just a push of a button from our phone. Don’t get me started on how you can receive money instantly through Cash App, lets be honest that app has really saved some of our lives. Forgot to  bring cash to the first general body meeting to pay dues? Need to send a relative money out of town for an emergency? Say NO more Venmo has also been handy and…. Yes, saved lives! Finally, that plastic card that has been on our side for all those apps that I discussed, THE PLASTIC CARD!! Plastic cards have been accepted in the place of cash since 1960 in the U.S. and we still use the plastic cards today. Looks like our phone with those apps we depend on and a plastic card is all we need.


Just look around the vending machines are even changing.  



It’s the simplest way to pay!

China seems to think going cashless is the fastest and the simplest way to pay. In China, 70 percent of people don’t use cash. In South Korea, their national bank plans to go cashless by 2020. Wait…. “We are in the year of 2018 now!” Cashless in 2 years? That’s a major move and something that must sink in for most people in Korea. Just think about it what if the U.S. issued out a statement saying that we are going cashless in 2 years. Would you be prepared to go digital all the way? The idea of the world moving into a broad usage of  advanced technology is huge, but keeping some of our old school methods is not so bad either. Carrying around less cash is fine … but going cashless is a huge leap. Then again going into Starbucks to get my espresso without standing in line is like heaven.   

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